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Burley, Idaho, United States
Traig and I were married on December 30, 2006. We settled her in Burley and bought a house. We have 2 dogs. A black lab, and a minature snauzer who thinks he's a lab. We welcomed out amazing little girl in our lives on February 16, 2008. She is growing like a weed, and keeps us on our toes. Traig is the night supervisor at his job, and I'm a stay at home mom. We have a wonderful life together and are truly truly blessed!

My SICK baby!

My SICK baby!
Addy cuddling with her daddy!
Addison got really sick.. She started to get a fever on Friday and was acting tired. All she wanted to do was cuddle. So, that was a red flag for me, because she is usually bouncing off the walls and is nonstop from the minute she wakes up to the minute she goes to sleep! Well, Traig had to go into work that night and she just cried and cried.. Her fever kept spiking.. So mom and I finally got her to go to sleep at 2:00 A.M.. Well she slept until 3:00 A.M. So I finally decided to take her to the E.R. Traig met my mom and I in there.. Her fever spiked to 104.5.. It scared the crap out of me.. SO they FINALLY decided after 4 hours that something was wrong with her throat?!? So they put her on an anti-biotic.. Well Sunday she started breaking out in a nasty rash. It kept spreading all over her legs.. So Monday I took her to the doctors and she had some weird infection. She finally started feeling better Tuesday. It was a LONG LONG few days though!

The nasty rash after it had healed for a day or so!

The nasty rash after it had healed for a day or so!
For the 4th of July Traig had to work.. So Addy and I went with the family to the Rupert Parade.. Addison HATED it.. She cuddled with mom and grandma. She doesn't like the loud sirens.. So after the parade we went to the park for a picnic, it was hot so Addy got mad and wanted to go home and take a nap. Then, on Sunday night we went to the fireworks. Addy LOVED them!

mommy and Addy





Here's Addy with some of the amazing men in her life.. They're all wonderful dad's and I'm glad that we have them in our lives!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Grandpa and Grandma Jones' new pool!

Grandpa and Grandma Jones made a new deck and bought a pool..Addison LOVES to go there and swim with her grandpa! She begs EVERYDAY to go swimming with Grandpa and Ebby. Ebby would be their minature snauzer dog!

Addison LOVES her pool. What she doesn't like is when she has to go back inside..
 It has been hot hot hot! So off to the Home Depot we went to get an air conditioner! Addy decided to "help" her daddy.. Here she is sitting in the frame! I don't know how much help she actually was, but she sure had fun!

Monday, October 6, 2008